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Day 284 – Friday 2nd November

We all woke up with really bad hangovers today, and so we barely made it out of bed all day. Both Pete and Joe pretty much slept all day so I didn’t really have anyone to chat with, plus it was raining (as usual) so I just watched a movie and sat in bed. Me and Joe eventually ventured out and got some dinner in the evening, but Pete literally didn’t do anything all day, bar opening his eyes every now and again. I did manage to stay up really late again, just wasting more time watching stuff on the internet and downloading things can’t seem to pull myself away!

Day 285 – Saturday 3rd November

Joe and Pete decided to get up early to go visit some caves on the outskirts of town, considering it was a Saturday I had no inkling to go to a tourist site next to such a big city with so many people. Plus there was a good chance it would rain, so I just slept in very late until they got back pretty much. Despite them both being completely soaked (what a surprise) they said the caves were pretty cool, but still doesn’t sound like I missed much. Did the usual for the afternoon of just keeping my laptop on for hours downloading a much shit as I can. Not only does it mean that I’m wasting time on my laptop now, but I now have lots of stuff stored up so I can waste time later on when I no longer have internet. Considering the fact I can survive fine without it, it’s definitely a bad thing to be downloading so much, I’ve noticed me being a lot more lazy for a start and I don’t want that carrying on back in Indo. The 3 of us went out for a good dinner of barbequed meat at this nice Chinese place, then came back here to watch the match. Despite being in an international city we couldn’t find a bar to watch it in, so we were forced to just stream it on my laptop, which worked out alright, but the connection kept cutting out at the most crucial points. I missed all the goals and the red card, but didn’t miss the other 80 minutes of a bloody boring match which promised to be so much more. Either way it’s nice to see us win 2 weeks in a row against big teams, and nice to see such an easy game against arsenal even if it was a bit boring. After that everyone went to bed, and I stayed up and watched a film, I keep saying this but tomorrow I will go and do something as long as its not raining!

Day 286 – Sunday 4th November

Woke up around 11 when Pete and Joe were heading off in order to say goodbye. The 2 of them are going to some jungle area which is supposed to be nice, but considering this ridiculous weather that’s the last place I’d want to be. Everyone talks about monsoon being an hour or so of hard rain a day then the rest of the time it’s sunny, I don’t debate this, but in Malaysia it’s completely different. I haven’t seen the sun since the day I arrived; it rains for at least 3 or 4 hours a day, sometimes more. And when it rains it pours, fucking pours! You get soaked instantly, the thunder is terrifyingly loud and there’s always a lot of lightning. Today it rained even more than usual, and once I’d got up I went to get some food from Mcdonald’s as they do a good deal between 12 and 3 every day. And while I was eating it started raining, so I came back here and decided to sit on my laptop and wait for the rain to ease up, which it never did. So I quite literally spent all day in bed watching TV shows. In the evening a few new people arrived which I got chatting too, which was nice, but nothing too spectacular. God I’m such a loser, I really should’ve just booked my flight the day I got my visa, all I’ve done here is downloaded about 100GB of movies and sat in my bed all day!

Day 287 – Monday 5th November

Guy Fawkes’s day today, although there were no fireworks here unfortunately. Today was exactly the same as usual, it rained all day so I couldn’t do anything and either way I was too lazy to bother. I did spend the day reading a book instead of staring at my computer screen which made a nice change, as I was starting to get headaches from doing nothing else all week. I did book my flight out of here finally, and I’ll be off to Sulawesi on Wednesday I can’t fucking wait to leave this place. I had dinner at the same old place and chatted to the same people in the evening, but everyone went to bed early as usual and I just sat there watching another movie. My room is now completely empty except for me and this Japanese guy above me who’s been here just as long as me and spends his days doing exactly the same thing. Long story short I have fuck all to report for you guys, still haven’t made it to the cinema and apart from that there’s nothing I’m really craving to see, sorry for this dull update!

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Obviously just a quiet period Joe. The rain seems to be something of a bore; never mind even this will pass eventually. Your US election summary was right on the ball. We all 'watch this space' over the next few years. Cheers for present. GD.

by m.hurry

what would the alternative be back here? rain, cold and parents! yikes!!!
stay away but move on, enjoy it while you can
m xx

by elizabethzy

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