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Day 321 – Sunday 9th December

Had a relatively good lie in today despite Laurie’s incessant need to wake up early, bloody proactive people! He’s still taking a break from surfing so we spent the morning hanging out chatting and playing chess. After a while we headed down to Jimbaran, about 5km from here, as Laurie needed to go to a pharmacy and it meant we could go to the place which does amazing nasi campur (literally; rice with everything) that I had the other day. After that great meal we drove around a bit asking for a bar which will be showing the City, United game later tonight, and we did find a really nice bar with a couple of typical ex pat Aussie owners. With that sorted, we went to the pharmacy and then drove back in a rush in order to avoid the rain that looked certain to come. We made it back safe and sound and spent the rest of the afternoon playing chess, something which I seem to be getting worse at every day, and had a visit from this French surfer Charles who always seems to drop by and ruin the mood as he’s a bit of a self-involved prick. We also had another visit from a Spanish surfer called Hugo who used to stay in this place and is thinking of moving back in to the neighbourhood. Something we’re in desperate need of, this place is completely deserted and it would be nice to have some new company or better yet some women! After writing the blog and a quick stop at the supermarket, which has free wifi, we headed off to the bar to watch the united game. God what a great game it was, 2 brilliant Rooney goals and an epic free kick from the main man RVP right at the death to finish them off. The bar was also a really good place to watch it, with a couple of really friendly waitresses and a pool table for half time. But by the end of the match it was already half 11 and we had to go to the other side of the island to catch a live music night and one of the surfer bars. Made it there around 12 and the place was closing and pretty much everyone had left which was a bit of a bummer, still Hugo and Charles and a few other people were around so we sat around chatting for a while. The bar also had a really big swimming pool out the back which had my name all over it, but by 2 there really was no one left and we had to drive home, and this is where the fun starts. After about 5 minutes of driving I go into a turn and right before it comes up, I get a fucking puncture in my tire and I can’t slow down, and as soon as I try to turn in order to avoid ploughing into a building right in front the bike comes out from under me and I slide right across the road, fucking brilliant! Luckily I’d had a couple of beers and the adrenaline kicked in so it wasn’t too painful and I was able to drive back on Laurie’s bike as he tried to negotiate mine with that flat tyre. Got back and had a shower to wash off the seemingly endless and fucking painful cuts all over and went to bed, certain it’s going to hurt a lot more in the morning!

Day 322 – Monday 10th December

Woke up this morning with blood stains all over the sheet and in a fuck lot of pain, can barely move either of my legs, and walking on them is well out of the question, on top of that my right arm is completely fucked and I can’t even lift a pencil with it. More than the pain I’m just bloody annoyed, had I crashed due to being drunk or making a mistake or something I’d be able to accept it, but the bike getting a bloody flat tyre right before going in to a turn is just down right bad luck and fucking annoying! Pretty much as soon as we got up, Laurie headed off to do post some postcards and do a couple other errands, as well as getting the front tyre on my bike sorted. Unfortunately we had no water though and for some reason he took over 4 hours to make it back, seemingly had to write some truly incredible postcards! But he did eventually make it back with food and water, bloody legend! Don’t know what the hell I would’ve done had I been staying alone, probably wouldn’t have even been able to make it back last night. We had our food and just sat around relaxing on the balcony playing a bit more chess, before Charles made his usual appearance and made the whole mood really awkward. Still don’t know why the guy keeps popping round, it’s fairly obvious we don’t want to talk to him, but I think he just loves the sound of his own voice and talking to yourself is the first sign of madness so he just needs some sort of audience to babble away to. Unfortunately today the whole island was out of power and we didn’t have any water so not only could I not have a shower but we couldn’t even flush the toilet, and as Laurie has a bad stomach at the moment the result was not pretty! Spent the rest of the afternoon just resting, watched a film, listened to some music and generally just did fuck all, Laurie went to pick up some dinner before going off to spend a few hours on skype. While he was away, I just lay in bed watching the crazy storm hitting our front garden, so much rain and endless lightning which completely lit up the whole place, really spectacular. Then I went to bed nice and early, starting to feel like a proper weak and useless cripple, I’m hoping these injuries don’t last too long as there really is nothing to do around here without a bike and soon Laurie will be surfing again and I’ll just be left around here doing nothing.

Day 323 – Tuesday 11th December

Got woken up really early this morning as Laurie’s stupid phone kept beeping as it had no battery, last thing I needed! After lazing in bed for a bit I got up to have a shower and properly wash out all the cuts, my legs are feeling worse today if anything, hoping that’s a good sign as they’re fixing themselves. At least Laurie is in an unusually lay mood and can keep me company around here. After having some breakfast from our place we got cracking on one of the most epic games we’ve had of chess so far, which went on forever and eventually ended in a draw. Did a lot more sitting around procrastinating the rest of the morning until an even bigger rain storm than last night hit and forced us inside, as despite us being undercover on our balcony, it still found a way of getting us soaked and flooding the place. Once the rain eventually stopped, we headed to Padang Padang to watch the sunset from the cliff there, and boy did I feel nervous being on the back of a bike on these windy roads! The weather was still a bit shit meaning that there wasn’t really much of a sunset and the whole place was just really muddy. After that we picked up some food and juice to have back at our place and we spent the rest of the evening watching movies.

Day 324 – Wednesday 12th December

Laurie was back on the board today as all his reef cuts from last week had cleared up, and he went off to meet up with Niko at the crack of dawn. I just sat around for the rest of the morning, still not healed enough to make it back on the bike. Those 2 came back just after 12 and we sat together having lunch, really good to see Niko as I’ve only seen him once since coming to Bali as he’s not staying in the same area as us. He didn’t stay too long though as he had to get back to the surfing, I’ll hopefully see him again tomorrow as he’s back off to Finland in the evening. After he left, Hugo came round again to visit and pulled Laurie off to surf just after 3. This left me more time to just sit around doing nothing, luckily I found a book in the kitchen and got cracking on that and watched a bit more TV before Laurie eventually got back around 7 and we went out for some dinner. Decided to mix it up a bit tonight and go to a Western restaurant where we got spaghetti carbonara and a club sandwich with chips, a very nice change to rice with chicken! After that we came back here and I read over some old diary entries from when we were back in Lombok, I say a couple but it was more like 100 as Laurie bloody loved it and kept getting me to read more from my time away, he doesn’t have the luxury of reading the blog like you lucky people! After stopping off to buy a couple beers we went back to that surfer bar for some Wednesday night live jazz, and due to all that reading we turned up late once again and missed the music as well as most of the people. Still we had the same sort of deal as last time and just hung out with Hugo and Charles who stuck around for a while. Charles had found out that he got a job as a pilot in Jakarta today meaning he can fly around Indo for free surfing all over the shop, ‘his dream job’ which meant that he was paying for drinks tonight and once we got kicked out of the bar we sat outside a supermarket drinking and chatting until the early hours.

Day 325 – Thursday 13th December

We got up just after 10 this morning and about 2 minutes after that Hugo came knocking on the door to have breakfast with us at our place. For the first time since getting here they had the restaurant out front open, which has absolutely amazing views over all of the Bali Bukit. Had some good food and good chats with Hugo before he headed off to surf with Laurie scheduled to go meet up with him in a bit, probably the last time I’ll see Hugo as he’s also off tonight. By the time we’d pissed around and read a load more diary entries, it was too late for Laurie to go surfing here and make time to see Niko after. So we hopped on his bike and headed north to Sanur to meet up with Niko one last time. When we met him he was hanging with another Finnish guy from his place who last year finished a 6 year round the world trip on a bicycle! You’d have thought he was bored to death of telling the story by now, but he wasn’t he showed us all his great pictures and told us all about it, it was all fucking unbelievable and easily the best travelling story I’ve heard so far, not surprising therefore that he’s actually in the process of writing a book about all of it so keep your eyes peeled for that it should be an epic. After hearing all about that we said our goodbyes to Niko and went off to surf at a place not too far from him. Luckily for Laurie the waves were absolutely incredible when we got there, probably some of the biggest I’ve seen and lots of barrels and other surfing terms I can’t remember. The weather wasn’t so great though so I couldn’t hang out on the beach, and instead found this cool little tree house to hang out in and read my book as he did his thing. Once he eventually made it out of the sea just as it got dark, I was presented with one of the weirdest things I’ve ever had to do. Laurie had been stung to shit by jellyfish all over and kept asking me to piss on him, not as fun as it sounds and actually quite a hard thing to do. Anyway I eventually mustered up the strength to do it, can’t imagine how horrible a feeling it was for him, but it managed to stop all the stinging. After that little episode we had to go in to Kuta as Laurie’s bike owner needed to sort out some out of date registration papers. Got there, met the guy and had some food in a nice little restaurant before heading back off just after 9, not before stopping off and having a quick drink in a bar where Laurie was in love with one of the waitresses. Unfortunately for him she already had a boyfriend! Finally made it back home quite late and went to bed not long after.

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this has got a 'friends' episode written all over it hahaha - good one joe, take care
m xx

by elizabethzy

These old fashioned medical remedies are becoming all the rage. There are quite a few blokes I would like to cure with that one Joe. Fat chance! You were certainly lucky with the bike but you make your own luck so keep it up! Good result for Man U but it was fortunate that Rooney miskicked his first goal and Man C made the last one. Perhaps their luck will hold for the season! Only kidding, I think. GD.

by m.hurry

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