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Christmas and my Last days in Bali

Day 336 – Monday 24th December

Such a weird feeling that it’s Christmas Eve, starting to feel like I must just have a complete break down on the big day tomorrow, or it might just come and go as usual! Once I eventually got up, I just chilled with Marcus, as he’s still ill and Laurie is out surfing there’s not really much else for me to do other than just sit in a hammock all day, such a hard life. Today I had to write the blog though which I’ve been putting off for ages, so that was a bit annoying, but after a few hours of picking it up, putting it back down and watching some South Park I finally managed to get up to date on the last 10 days. Once I’d finally finished and Laurie was back from surfing the 3 of us decided to head off to Kuta to hit the club for the night. After stopping off for some food on the way and hitting some of the worst traffic I’ve seen here in Bali, we finally made it to ‘Skygarden’ the big club in the centre of town around 9ish. After knocking back as many free drinks as we could (only served between 9 and 10) we partied the night away. It’s actually the first time I’ve been to a club in Indo, and apart from all the Australians all over the place the whole feel was identical to the rest of Asia. Either way we all had a really good night, and I decided not to drink as we had to drive home later which made it quite an interesting experience. After a few hours Marcus started to feel like shit again so we left the club and drove back home on completely empty roads which was pure fucking luxury given the usual state of the drive from kuta to Padang-Padang.

Day 337 – Tuesday 25th December

Christmas day! It’s weird to be having Christmas in a hot country, I’ve had a lot of Christmases away but never in tropical weather, to be brutally honest it just feels like another day and not really Christmassy at all. Laurie was off surfing this morning and Marcus was still ill so I went on a drive to find a nice restaurant to have some lunch and I found a really nice place where the woman was super friendly and jolly and even put a candle on my table for my Christmas lunch of fried chicken and rice. Once I got back all the lads had made it back from surfing and they had good news that they’d found a place for us to have some Christmas dinner later on. We made plans to meet up at half 7 and the 3 guys went for an evening surf as Me, Laurie and Marcus went to Padang beach to hang out and then went to Uluwatu cliff to watch a pretty spectacular sunset. After all showering and stuff we headed off to get some Christmas dinner, Marcus still wasn’t feeling up for eating so it was me, Laurie, Pete, Johnny and Louis who went. After telling us they’d run out of roast beef the guy seemed to magic up 5 portions and dinner was served, one of the weirder ones of my life, it consisted of; roast beef, potato salad, cold pasta, egg and some random vegetables. The beef was really tasty and everything else was a bit bizarre but we were given a free beer so all was good. It was really nice to just sit down in our big English groups and reminisce on what Christmas should be, talking about watching toy story and drinking and eating good food and things, all in all a really nice experience. When we got back home we all went off to different places to get some internet and skype our respective families, good to see that the Lodges seemed to be chucking all Christmas tradition out the window as well, they were having risotto and steak for dinner for crying out loud! Really nice to speak to everyone though ad every time I see the house and food on skype I always get a yearning to go home! After that, me and Pete got a couple beers and sat up chatting for a while whilst everyone else finished off their family time, then everyone headed off to bed for some more surfing tomorrow.

Day 338 – Wednesday 26th December

Had a usually dull morning this morning, can’t even remember what I did other than just sit watching the world go by. Once Laurie made it back from his morning surf, me and Marcus decided to join him on the afternoon surf and we all went to Green Bowl beach with Luke and Louis. The beach was really nice to just sit and relax and there was actually some sunshine for the first time in ages seemingly, unfortunately there were no waves though so we didn’t get to see the guys showing off their mad skills on the water. Either way me and Marcus were too preoccupied trying to hit on this really hot Indonesian from Jakarta who was sitting on the beach next to us, our plans were foiled though as the local women wouldn’t leave us alone trying to force us to pay for a massage from them. I did manage to get a good free 10 minute massage before they eventually left me alone after telling them a million times I didn’t want one! After surfing we met this German surfer and hung out with him for a while, can’t say it was too interesting as him and Laurie seemed to just have the same fucking chat you here every 10 minutes in this place about the quality of the waves, don’t know how they don’t get bored. By the time we got back it was already time for dinner and although Marcus and Laurie were being lazy I managed to convince the other guys to go out and so we went to this little Mexican restaurant which is supposed to have really good food, and is widely spoken about in the sufer community. And fuck me was it good, I got an amazing rare barbequed steak and an assortment of Mexican condiments like refried beans and stuff, absolutely delicious. The last few days I’ve been so bored of Indo food, so I think for the next week or so at least I’ll be eating a lot more Western food as Bali is one of the few places where it’s actually good. Whilst we were eating it started to rain bloody heavily so we were stranded in the restaurant for a good couple of hours just waiting it out before eventually heading back. Once we got back everyone was wet and tired so they all went to bed, and me and Marcus being the only 2 not constantly worn out from surfing just stayed up for a while chilling.

Day 339 – Thursday 27th December

Laurie wanted to go to Kuta today as he’s only got a couple of days left here and wants to stock up on a few things before he goes to Australia, so once we were all up, the 3 of us headed off for some lunch. As Kuta is a shit hole there was no need for all of us to go, so Marcus decided to stay behind as I kept Laurie company on his little shopping adventure. As per usual the traffic was fucking horrendous and once we eventually made it to Kuta after a seemingly endless drive, we sat down and had a drink and decided it best just to go back to Padang ASAP. When we made it back it started raining so we couldn’t head out for dinner and instead just chilled in the garden outside the room listening to music and reminiscing about our time together. Eventually we went out to get some food quite late and then hung out a bit more watching the full moon before going to bed.

Day 340 – Friday 28th December

Today we’re going to Kuta to spend Laurie’s last night there before he gets the flight the next morning. So our first few hours just consisted of all hanging around chatting and packing as slowly as one could pack when you’re not in a rush to leave somewhere. Luke and Louis are coming with us but Pete and Jonny are going to stay here so they spent the morning just stealing all my films and tv shows from my laptop. Once it eventually stopped raining and we settled our bill we got going on our 5 bike convoy to Kuta, all arriving here separately as we have our own little ways to dry and dodge the traffic (none of which actually work!). At the big club they do a really good deal of all you can eat barbeque and free drinks between 5 and 6, and as it was already just past 5 we rushed off to cram in as much free drink as we could. The food was by far the best meal I’ve had here and I managed to eat enough to feel sick and knocking back the beers as fast as we could didn’t help. So all in all we all felt a bit sick and had stomach pains so we went back to the hotel to lie down for a couple of hours before the next round of free drinks started at 9. When we got back to the club we met up with Pete and Jonny who’ve come down for the night, and we all sat there pounding back as many drinks as we could in the hour we had. Once the free drinks were over, everyone went to another club and Me, Marcus and Laurie stayed in Skygarden for the rest of the night. The 2 of them were completely trashed and making absolute fools of themselves, and eventually Laurie went too far and he disappeared out the club so I went to look for him to make sure he was OK and let him back in to the room where he passed out on the bed instantly. My night was cut a bit short which was a bit of a bummer, but Marcus stayed to party hard for the rest of the night and he still wasn’t back by the time I went to bed at 3.

Day 341 – Saturday 29th December

Couldn’t sleep at all last night, our hotel is right on the street and all the bars seemingly stay open all night playing shit music, plus Marcus never came back which was really worrying as when I left him he was in such a state. We all eventually made it out of bed and Marcus still wasn’t back and wasn’t picking u[ his phone so we were all a bit worried but there was literally nothing we could do so we headed off to shop for all the stuff Laurie couldn’t be arsed getting the other day. We left Louis and the key back here in case Marcus did manage to find his way back. Luke has been staying in Kuta for months so luckily he knows his way around pretty well and he showed us to all the surf outlets where Laurie picked up some trainers, a couple of t-shirts, a surfboard and some fags to sell off when he gets to Oz. When we finally made it back after a very hot and stressful afternoon, Marcus still wasn’t back! But in his true Finnish spirit he did turn up all calm as anything with a girl on his arm, cheeky bastard, he managed to bag himself a local! Considering the state I left him in I was just in utter shock, not to mention the fact that she was only 18 and bloody hot! Either way we had no time to waste and Laurie had to get all his shit together and me, him and Luke drove off to the airport just after 5 leaving Marcus to look after his bird. Got to the airport and had to say my goodbyes to Laurie, I’ve met a lot of cool people along the way but Laurie is levels above all those people, he’s so nice and just such a fun guy to be around. I’m so happy that I managed to hook up with him again after we spent those 3 weeks in Lombok together way back when. If I was gay I’d probably go for a guy like him (or Ned), gonna miss you man, and hopefully see you again at some point. Poor bastard has to go back to the real world and work over in Oz. After all that emotion we came back here and all of us went out to get some food from a place round the corner. In true Indo fashion it started to rain hard as we sat down and we were forced to drive back in the pouring rain. As none of us can be fucked going out tonight we thought it might be a good plan to go to a cinema so we drove to the nearest one where they weren’t showing anything anytime soon, then drove all the way to the one out of town where they were all sold out, then came back to the original one and they were all sold out for the late showing. What a fucking waste of like an hour and a half driving around like headless chickens looking for a bloody cinema on a Saturday night. Luckily it was almost 11 meaning time for the United game, so the 3 English guys (Finnish people don’t seem to grasp how good football is) headed off to a sports bar and watched an average United display with a better than average goal from Van Persie, fucking legend! Came back and went straight to bed, long bloody day!

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well done Joe ... is there something you want to tell me 'n' dad?
happy new year darling boy m & d xxxxxxxx
(don't rush home - nothing here x)

by elizabethzy

Good one Joe and pleased that you didn't miss Christmas Day. Each day is what you make of it and not what it is supposed to represent!
Blokes always make for great friends and never change but girls can be really exiting ......... if somewhat unpredictable! Have a really smashing 2013 Joe with love and best wishes, GM & GD.

by m.hurry

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