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My last week in Indo...For now

Day 350 – Monday 7th January

Our last day in Gili today, and boy are we both happy to leave, the whole week has been a complete waste of time. Today was no different, it rained all day and we just sat in the room having a movie marathon, had breaks to get food and that’s about it!

Day 351 – Tuesday 8th January

Got up really early this morning feeling like absolute death, not sure what I ate last night but something in my stomach was definitely not happy. After managing to get out of bed the first thing I did was throw up, everywhere. Marcus was in the toilet so my options were pretty limited, first I tried being sick out the window but all I could do was wretch, then the second I pulled my head back in it came screaming up and I projectile all over the place, if that wasn’t too much detail, what came out was black in colour! Marcus has been bloody ill for a couple weeks now, so it’s probably something I caught from him, but more likely food as once it was out I felt fine, and the rest of my morning was spent mopping up the floor of the room. Eventually it was all cleaned up and we were packed, so we paid the bill and ran off before the woman could check the room, doubt she would’ve been too happy with the smell and my less than 100% cleaning job. We got on the boat back to Lombok and then drove down south to Mataram to hook up with Ismael one last time before I leave Indo. Luckily he was at work so he couldn’t force us to stay for too long, plus it meant all his cool work mates were there to chat to. After a couple of cups of coffee to wake up my more than drowsy driver, we headed off to the port and got on a packed ferry back to Bali, never thought I’d say it but I’m actually happy to be going back there. The 3ish hour ferry journey was just spent on the floor of the deck sleeping on my bag. Marcus’ friend from Finland who happens to be in Kuta on holiday is waiting for us, so when we got off the boat we were in a bit of a rush, and Marcus ended up doing a couple of stupid things which a keen eyed policeman spotted and pulled us over for. Unusually the guy was pretty straight laced and rather than asking for a bribe he started writing us a ticket for a court appearance, meaning we were pretty fucked and therefore had to stump up a lot more money than usual to get him to drop it, bastard. Either way we made it to Kuta in one piece and met up with Kata (the new girl) who seems nice, if not a little bit annoying. After they caught up a bit, us 2 headed back to the hotel to get showered and drop off the bags before going to meet her at her swanky hotel where we sat and chatted a bit more. When we went back to our place, we had another bit of misfortune, the bloody key wouldn’t work and the hotel man was sleeping and couldn’t be arsed getting up to give us a spare. Instead we were forced to keep trying until the key snapped in half, just when the guy decided to turn up and charge us for breaking his key, as it was clearly our fault, not! When he came back with a spare key he then gave us a demonstration on how you turn the key back and forth in order to lock and unlock the door as if we’re fucking retards, I almost slapped the bastard!

Day 352 – Wednesday 9th January

Happy Birthday Poppy! Got up just before 12 this morning as Marcus was getting ready to head off and see Kata, something which I really can’t be bothered with as I started to find her bloody annoying last night, funnily enough Marcus feels the same way, but she’s sort of his responsibility so he’s a bit screwed. While those 2 hung out at her pool, I just sat in the room chilling out in my head, feel like I haven’t had any time alone in forever! When he got back we hung around a bit before heading off to Skygarden once more for the all you can eat BBQ at 5, which was as delicious as ever despite the gale force winds trying to blow away all our food on the roof. Once we’d forced down as much food as we could, we went to our guest house to hang out away from these tornado winds and wait for the next round of free drinks to start at 9. When we got back to the club I really couldn’t be arsed with it at all, the place was full of twatty tank top Australians and I had a really bad headache. So after a few drinks I decided to leave those 2 there and just go home to lie down. Marcus ended up coming back around 12 as well feeling really ill, so the 2 of us just watched a bit of TV before he went to bed and I stayed up pretty much all night trying to get back to sleep after my sleep was interrupted by his arrival.

Day 353 – Thursday 10th January

Pretty much only slept a wink last night, so when I did get up the last thing I could be bothered doing was going to meet up with a more than likely hung over Kata. Instead me and Marcus just spent the afternoon hanging around in the garden at our place and getting some errands done. First we went to give in our laundry, which turned out to be quite a mission to find anywhere that wasn’t a total rip off. Then we got some lunch, and spent a while catching up on some stuff on the internet. Kata came round to ours to go out for dinner and as she’s knew to Indo I thought it would be a good idea to take her to this really nice little local place I knew, unfortunately after a 30 minute walk I just couldn’t find it so instead we settled for the first local place we could find, which actually turned out to be really delicious. The rest of the night was just spent sitting around in our garden listening to music and chatting, despite the crazy winds, the weather has been really good the last few days and it literally hasn’t rained, sods law I’ll get to Thailand and it will start pissing down. I bloody hope not! Me and Marcus ended up staying up really late chatting and it got to 4am and we were starving, so we took the true tourist way of ordering a delivery Mcdonald’s to our door, what a brilliant decision it turned out to be!

Day 354 – Friday 11th January

After our late antics last night, we both agreed not to get up early and go to South Bali with Kata as we’d previously arranged. Unfortunately she had other plans and we got a pretty horrible wakeup call from her just after 12. So we got dressed and met her at her hotel and rented a bike which I drove with her on the back and Marcus was on his. The weather was actually really good and sunny today so I didn’t feel too bad about waking up, plus it’s always nice to go back to the Padang Padang area where I spent the whole of December. Other than a stop for some really good food and an ice cream we drove straight to Balangan beach, the only beach on the Bukit peninsula which is supposed to be nice and that I haven’t seen yet. It was really stunning and more so given the great weather, we found a really nice place to sit down and sunbathe, haven’t done that in ages! The sea was a bit choppy and really shallow on top of a reef so swimming in it turned out to be a bit of a suicide mission and I came out with cuts all over, so I stuck to the beach after that and had a much needed nap in the sun. Sure as anything the dark clouds started to approach just before sunset so we hit the road down to Uluwatu beach which always has really good sunsets and looked like it was clear from the rain. But when it started raining on the short drive over there we decided to just turn around and try and beat the storm to Kuta. We did in fact manage to stay dry, turns out the storm was coming towards us all along and the road to Kuta had already been hit, which meant driving through rivers in parts, but at least we stayed dry. Made it back safely, and after showers we met up again for some dinner at a little Chinese restaurant, which turned out to have some delicious food, if not a little bit expensive. After dinner we hung out at our place for a bit, none of us in any mood to go out for our last night given the recent late nights. Once we’d had enough of Kata we played that we were too tired to stay up and sent her on her way and watched a movie. So I’m off to Thailand tomorrow and I can’t bloody wait, as much as I love Indo, the last month has been a complete waste of time and money, I was stuck in a surfer area meaning I couldn’t participate in 90% of conversations, plus I had a motorbike accident which cost me a week of sitting around and a lot of money to repair, and on top of all that it’s been easily my most expensive month in Indo despite the fact that I’ve done the least. Bali is just too god dam expensive with no rewards! Still I’m glad I came as it meant I met up with Laurie again, but in hindsight I might have stayed in Sulawesi for a couple of weeks after I left Papua rather than rushing straight to Bali. Bring on Thailand, can’t wait to get some good weather and nice beaches for a month!

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Shame the last few days were so non productive Joe but I'm sure that Thailand will change all that. Look forward to hearing more and hope the stomach holds up for rest of the trips. Take care. Cheers. GD.

by m.hurry

black sick? that sounds disgusting - let us know where you are in Thailand and if the blog is changing link again??
(dad says South Thailand is not near Burma so your message didn't make sense!!) mum x

by elizabethzy

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